Tiger – A Smart Tabby Kitten

Tiger-2  Tiger-1 WeChatImage635438005078639141 WeChatImage635438005026849367 A newly rescued kitten called Tiger. Tiger, boy kitten 3-4 months old, a tabby with ginger, short hair, dewormed, will take vaccination when he is settled and stable before adoption.

He is very smart and found the place to eat and the way to come into the place to be his home. He  spent 6 days to make himself adjusted and feel at home, behavior is  normal, he plays a lot, and he’s a big eater. He is rather friendly and like to get your attention for love. He is a sweet boy needs a sweet home.

Cream, 3 year old girl with the fluffiest tail

Cream, a sweet cat girl around 3 years old, she has been rescued from a cold season when she had been with her babies.

She has been neutered, vaccinated/de-wormed, has been turned into a beautiful girl and with all good manners, her voice is sweet and low, she like to be alone sometimes especially when eats, doesn’t like to be bothered by passersby, wants hod her own space, and will talk to you when you walk nearby her “look at my tail, it’s mine and beautiful!

She is the one in the group with so many lady behaviors, grooming herself to make fur shinny, and always with cat walk, soft and gentle and stylish :)

Police, A Tuxedo teenage boy

WeChatImage635430827321909427 (1) WeChatImage635430827410319339 WeChatImage635430827447884467 WeChatImage635430827580445353 (1)Police-ddd

Police, boy, at 4-5 months old, short hair, extremely warm-hearted when he meets people, always keeping himself quite busy in playing, running and in sports, very healthy, rather active, suited to a warm and sweet family.

He has been vaccinated, de-wormed, in house toilet trained.

Mao, a short hair tabby girl

Mao, girl, 10 months old, neutered/vaccinated/dewormed. newly rescued from bad situation, she has been abandoned in one market, she is rather friendly to everybody, wants to beg food and attention.

We rescued her as it is too dangerous for such friendly personality in the market.

She has been living indoor for several months and got all shots, still very open and social to human and other cats.

She is ready for adoption

Adopted! – Mogli, a boy kitten, at 3-4 months old


Mogli, a boy kitten, ar 3-4 months old, he has been rescued together with his brothers and Mom at a rainy day at a abandoned construction site, no food by only crying of kittens.

Right now, he has been growing up into a strong and healthy teenager, playful and sweet.


UPDATE: Teddy & Tiny – Fluffy Brother Kittens

Teddy-Tiny5   Teddy-Tiny1  Teddy-Tiny3  Teddy-Tiny2

Teddy and Tiny are two boy kittens who joined us in May 2014 when they were just a few weeks old.

Now they are growing up and about 3-4 months old, sometimes playfully naughty and very sporty.

Teddy is more brave and friendly, Tiny is a bit shy, we hope these two brothers can be adopted together if possible. They are rescued from a rainy night, when their Mom was disappeared for some days. They were hungry and cried a lot, we found them and took them in.

Right now, they eat well and are much stronger, healthy, ready for adoption.

We will take vaccination for them when they are getting older. If interested, pls fill in our online form for adoption at how to adopt column at www.beijingcat.org or contact Scarlett for more: 13501315988/scarlett@beijingcat.org.

Gege – A Friendly Boy Dog, 2 Years Old

Gege - dog

We happened to rescue a stray dog these days, who was in dangerous situation as there is a cleaning out activity for stray dogs in Beijing.

Gege, a boy dog, is 2 years old, healthy, neutered and vaccinated.

He has been rescued recently from a dangerous situation, as the stray dog cleaning out staff almost arrived in the parking lot, we took Gege away from their eye sight only with few minutes left, otherwise, Gege will be beated to die only because he is a stray dog.

He is now neutered and vaccinated, after checking up, the vet comments that Gege is in super healthy situation.

He is rather friendly with human and cats, never attack others, he used to be a big brother (Gege ) for other cats who play with him, sleep and eat together. He always protects his playmate by his ways and also gave a big hug to cats when sleep to keep them warm in winter :)

He is now looking for foster or adoption, if any one is interested, pls fill in our online form at www.beijingcat.org.

Contact Scarlett at 13501315988 /Scarlett@beijingcat.org for more.


Coffee is a young Tortoiseshell who loves to cuddle

Coffee, girl, 1-2 years old, short hair, neutered and vaccinated, inhouse training.

She is rescued in a rainy day when she cried for food in a building corner, our rescuer found her and she is in good condition, just too hungry and no food around and she couldnt find in the rainning days.

She isn’t so afraid of people but a bit shy from begining, then she ate the food when the rescuer took for her, she kept purring and likd the cuddling at end.

We finally took her to the vet for neutering and vaccination, she is happily living in house and toilet trained.

If any interested, pls fill in our online form for adoption at www.beijingcat.org: how to adopt column. or Scarlett at 13501315988 for more.

coffee 1 coffee 2