Masky, A Sweet 2 month old Tortoiseshell with 8 lives remaining :)

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Masky, girl, 2 months old. Just rescued on 17 Sept. who will be vaccinated and dewormed when her health is stable.

She has been rescued from an underground Garage in deep side where locked her by plastic bag in hardpaper box, it was so hard to find her out but only could hear her voice now and then.

She almost no voice when found, and drunk lots of water when in the home, she is quite happy to meet all furry friends which making her feel safe and easy, but still in the adjusting period.

Cici, 2-3Month Girl Kitten

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Cici, a girl, 2-3 months old, just rescued, will take vaccination and dewormed when her health is stable.

She has been fed by rescuer for 1 more month when abandoned out, but she has been stolen for twice recently so we thought it is too dangerous and decided to take her home.

She is rather sweet and care free, greets to evey one and attention for love, she trusts everybody without any condition, it is good for a cat indoor but not for living outside.

She is now living with rescur with great caring and more delicious food, getting stronger, looking for a sweet family.

Beer – A Lovely 2-3 Month Old Boy

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Beer, boy, ar 2-3 months old, vaccinated/dewormed.

He has been rescued from a car where he hide himself for two days, without any food and water, we managed to find him out and made him into safe.

He is very cool in look, a bit scare of stranger, but rather cute when plays.

Turkey – A 2-3 Month old Girl Kitten

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Turkey, a girl, ar 2-3 months, vaccinated/ dewormed, rescued with Cindy from a busy street where lots of passengers and cars running through, their eyes were closed and couldn’t open up, even when it was a rainy day.

We took both of them in and they are turning into healthy and happy kittens, who are rather playful at their age :)

Follower – A Girl Kitten Who Follows You in Love

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Follower, a girl, 4 months old, vaccinated and dewormed. She has been abandoned in an universaty campus, followed to every passanger, one of the student found her and reported to rescuer who thought it is dangerous and took her in.

She is happy girl, gets along well with other cats, friendly to people.

Ball – A Girl Kitten

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Ball, girl, ar 2 months old,girl, vaccinated/dewormed, she came to find out the food and was focus on the eating, not scared of people, very care free kitten.

Sir & Ryan, two brothers

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2 boy kittens, at 4-5 months old, who have been rescued together with Mom and brothers ( Mogli ) at a rainy day at a abandoned construction site, no food when found, crying for food.

Rightnow, they been growing up into strong and healthy teenagers, playful and sweet, vaccinated and dewormed.

Hope both of them can be adopted together.

Hululu – 2yr Old Tuxedo Girl

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Hululu is a beautiful tuxedo girl, 2 years old, neutered and vaccinated.

She is a kind of girl who is very friendly and attention for love, she will be purring when you touch, that is why called Hululu.

She is quite active and gets along well with other cats, sometimes she wants some space for herself.