Coffee is a young Tortoiseshell who loves to cuddle

Coffee, girl, 1-2 years old, short hair, neutered and vaccinated, inhouse training.

She is rescued in a rainy day when she cried for food in a building corner, our rescuer found her and she is in good condition, just too hungry and no food around and she couldnt find in the rainning days.

She isn’t so afraid of people but a bit shy from begining, then she ate the food when the rescuer took for her, she kept purring and likd the cuddling at end.

We finally took her to the vet for neutering and vaccination, she is happily living in house and toilet trained.

If any interested, pls fill in our online form for adoption at how to adopt column. or Scarlett at 13501315988 for more.

coffee 1 coffee 2

BaoBao, 7 month old sweet purring kitty



Baobao, a boy, is 7 months old, neutered, dewormed and vaccinated. He was rescued from a food shop near Xiang Shan, he had no food and nobody cared about him.

Although he was in such poor condition, he is a happy and sweet boy today, greets everybody asking them for treats and a hug then purring around all over when he’s touched. Now he is living at rescuer’s home, he is well behaved: toilet trained, and used to living indoors.

His favorite food is any meat and he likes to ask for more when eating. He also enjoys cuddling and hugs, always purring. He is a sweet boy and every one likes him :) He is definitely a big star among the group of cats.

If anybody is interested, please fill out our online form for adoption.

BingBing is a Fluffy, Loving Adult Boy – Needs New Home by June 30


Bing Bing 兵兵 a beautiful boy cat, 8 years old, neutered and vaccinated. He needs a new home by June 30, please consider adopting this lovely feline.

Born in August 2006. Bingbing was adopted as a kitten and grew into a handsome, fluffy and loving adult. He has been an indoor cat his whole life since, and likes to sleeps in bed at night. Believe it or not he loves to play fetch with a paper bag. He also enjoys sitting on your lap in the morning when reading the newspaper. He is healthy, has all his immunity shots (rabies, Nobivan Tricat in 2007) and we have his immunity certificate book as well. He has a couple of times had ear mites which are easily treated with medicine.

He is a quick adjuster to new homes and he gets along well with any cat sitter.

He is adaptable, teachable and does like routine.


Sweet Bella Needs a Home

Bella, is a super-sweet girl cat. We think she’s 1-2 years old. She’s a beautifully colored short hair, she’s also neutered and vaccinated.

She is very social with people and other kitties. One of her favorite activities is playing with other cats, she also loves her food. :) She likes to lick other cats as if she’s an elder sister :)

She was rescued with her babies in the cold season, all babies have grown up so she is open for adoption now.

Let us know if you’d like to interact with her, she’d love the attention.

Bella bella-new

Dot may need adoption/next fostering by end of June


Dot - 1 - 2014 Dot - 3 - 2014 Dot - 2 - 2014
Dot is a lovely cat who enjoys sleeping in the sunshine and chasing string. She’s content to be alone, but always happy to greet you when you come home, and she’s very quiet and well-behaved. She loves playing with her toys, especially with string, She likes to sit in your lap when you’re watching TV, and she prefers to sleep close to you when you sleep at night.”
She also has a cat tree, many toys, and a litterbox that can go to her adopter with her.

Yaya, a short hair boy, at 1-2 years old

Yaya, a short hair boy, at 1-2 years old, vaccinated and neutered.

He has been rescued from very bad situation with four paws were hurt and couldn’t walk properly and abandoned outside.
After our great treating, he has recovered from the wound and turning into a big healthy boy.
He is very tender, never shows his nails when touched. also he is a great team member with other cats, never fighting and big chasing. He likes to sleep with people and watching you by his own way, rather delicate to show his love towards you, each night he will watch you and see if it is the time when you go to bed, then he will go to bed one minute ahead of you to make the warm bed for you first :)
He is a bit shy with strangers, but no problem after he’s familiar with you.
A very sweet boy is waiting for adoption!




Snow, a good looking boy kitten wants to be your companion

Snow, a boy kitten, at 6 months old, vaccinated and de-wormed, indoor cat and toilet trained.

He has been rescued together with his mother in the cold rainy days, where no place to live for his whole family together with other baby kittens.

He has finally grown up into a handsome young boy who is very tender and gentle. When he smells good food or meat, he becomes very brave and always wants to eat more and is good at searching and playing with you to find the treats.

He is an easy going boy who plays nicely with other cats like a little gentleman who has good manners!

If anybody is interested in adoption, pls help in filling in our online form for adoption at ” how to adopt ” column. or contact scarlett at 13501315988 /

Snow 1 Snow 2

Nosy, a young and beautiful boy kitten looking for a home

Nosy, a young boy kitten at 2-3 months old, vaccinated and de-wormed.

He has been newly rescued from a busy bus station where is abandoned and cried for help, finally we rescued him with delicious food so we could bring him to the shelter for safety.

Now he is settled and healthy, likes eating and playing with other kittens. He’s good with other cats and with people, he has good manners.

If interested in adoption, pls help in filling in our online form for adoption : how to adopt column. or contact scarlett at : 13501315988/

nosy1_1 nosy2